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Filastine + Nova – May 21 [SEA]

May 21, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 5:00 am


Typos, unite! typonexus joins forces with internationally renown / notorious audiovisual globetrotter activist duo, transnational electronic music composer FILASTINE (Spain) & Javanese indie eco-rapper NOVA (Indonesia), for ONE LIVE AV show in Seattle as part of their global tour. The set is based on their Abandon series, to be played out of a shopping cart.

// Experience global, act local: portion of proceeds from this and other typonexus events is DONATED to Sanders campaign //

About Filastine: filastine.com

Boreal Taiga / BT Gate X-138 (Norway / SEA)
Leave Trace / Crispy
Night Train (Innerflight Music) – Birthday set

dear earthling
Kabriele Rosas Artwork

(optical show, 3-D mapped environment, art & sound- / motion-responsive light installations, original artwork)

PARTYcipate: have art / talent / time / resources / donation to offer? Contribute!

SOUND system? The first of this design to exist on the west coast, engineered by noise cancellation research scientists. The bass is clean, clear and loud …a quarter mile away.

Admission: with advance RSVP only
Format: interactive, immersive multimedia environment
Location: undisclosed industrial site (modded durational setup)
Duration: till sunrise
Pyro / flow welcome and encouraged

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“The question is not if we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.



* * *

Continuing the fusion of art and activism, typonexus collaborates with Filastine for a forget-me-not warehouse all-nighter. BE THERE, and here are a few reasons why:

FILASTINE produces gritty electronic music – “filled with both jagged edges and moments of sad sweetness; the prototype of globalized urban sound which will devastate your subwoofer” (but not ours!) – that collides the lowest frequencies of bass with the highest-level beat science, acoustic instruments, and field recordings. No keyboards or standard DJ tools, but a curious arsenal varying from a shopping cart to ancient African instruments tuned to Indonesian scales or equipped with high-tech software. He also creates award-winning videos and helms Sound Swarm public interventions (an orchestra of bike-mounted megaphones conducted by pirate radio transmitters, with recent actions in support of the Occupy Movement). He designed a post-crash currency and founded the anarchist marching band, The Infernal Noise Brigade, for the Battle of Seattle. You may have seen him at a sweaty Tokyo nightclub, a football stadium in Casablanca, a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a parking lot in Borneo, or touring the US with the likes of Beats Antique or Bassnectar.

NOVA grew up singing pentecostal spirituals with her preacher grandfather, Koranic recitations in the mosque, and Javanese gamelan music in school. She was half of the Indonesian rap sensation Twin Sista. When not on tour, Nova can be found in Java giving workshops on art and environmental activism.


NPR: Filastine makes music that is powerfully political and distinctly global. The artist-activist splices together modern electronic rhythms with sounds from around the globe in order to discuss issues large and small.


THUMP/VICE: Filastine made his way to an to an impromptu refugee camp, Calais Jungle, from Paris on his own dime to deliver a live set. The Barcelona-based producer has a history of combining music and activism. While living in Seattle, he founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a radical marching band, to perform at protests surrounding the World Trade Organization’s infamous ministerial conference in 1999. He’s played in squats across Europe, trotted out Sound Swarm—an orchestra of bike-mounted megaphones conducted by pirate radio transmitters—at demonstrations across the continent, and was seen storming the barricades during Barcelona’s Indignados protests in 2011. Given that kind of track record, providing some pro bono entertainment to the Calais Jungle’s residents seemed a logical call for an artist who prefers to perform with his live setup wired to a shopping cart as a critique of globalization and consumerism.


PITCHFORK: Stage Boundary Songs is a “musical response” to the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Act of Killing. DJ /rupture worked with producer Filastine and Indonesian vocalist Nova on the mix. Stage Boundary Songs features “psychedelic folk, rock, and soul made in the decade surrounding Indonesia’s 1965 coup”, according to the press release. Nova digitized music from the vinyl collection of the Museum Musik Malang.


SPIN: Barcelona musician Filastine makes dystopian bass music for crumbling urban futures. The producer collapse sounds associated with disparate geographies—pentatonic scales from Middle Eastern music, rap and dubstep from the US and UK, the opulence of First World classical music, and the scarcity of production techniques in the Global South. You wonder if the video’s subjects are the scavenging survivors of some cataclysm—former fat-cats who are clinging to their fading wealth and disintegrating currency after World War IV of sticks and stones.




May 21, 2016
8:00 pm - 5:00 am
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